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Anna University - CEG campus

The major objective of AU - TEC Incubation Hub is to provide an environment for startups and entrepreneurs to grow their business. This centre will provide support to the startup companies in terms of product prototyping, space for office setup, consultation, business plan assistance, seed funding, training and development, mentoring etc.

Our Goals

  • To promote new product / technology / innovation based startups.
  • Conducting training programmes, seminars and mentorship guidance to entrepreneurs.
  • Initiating Industry - Institute Partnership for technology transfer and commercialization.

AU-TEC aims at increasing the successful development of new business, providing management services, develop new concepts into market ready products, introducing new entrepreneurs into the business network.

Creating new job opportunities

60% Complete

Commercializing new technologies

95% Complete

Encouraging students and womens entrepreneurship

80% Complete

Organising training programmes

100% Complete

Creating an ecosystem for startups

70% Complete
1. Submit the online generated application form to the AU-TEC office.
2. The proposal will be evaluated by the internal committee and shortlisted proposals will be called for presentation.
3. The presentation should be made before the Governing committee.
4. The recommended proposals of the Governing committee will be called for signing the Agreement and further process.


The applicant can be a student or regular faculty member of Anna University and its affiliated colleges.

Company / Organisation:

Any company / organisation who need technical support / management services.

1. The proposal template is available in this website. Download the template and prepare the proposal.
2. Fill up the online registration form and upload the proposal.
3. Send the hard copy of the generated application form to the AU-TEC office and mail the soft copy.
4. The TEC office will communicate for further process.

The support for incubation will be approved only by the Governing committee of the AU-TEC incubation. Also, the committee will decide the nature of the support, duration, funding etc.