List of Ongoing Projects

S.No Funding agency Project name PI PI Department Campus From To Extended date Total Cost (AU)
1 TNAU, DRS & GIS Design, Development and Supply of Fixed Wing UAV Dr. K.Senthil Kumar Department of Aerospace Engineering MIT 12.06.2018 11.06.2024
2 DST Hydrogeological interventions for flood Madras Institute Of Technologyigation and augmentation of groundwater recharge (WATER-IC for SUTRAM of Water) Dr. L. Elango Department of Geology CEG 13.12.2018 12.12.2023
3 NLC India Limited AU – NLCIL Innovation Hub for Energy, Environment and sustainability Dr. V. Kumaresan ANIHEES CEG 20.11.2019 19.11.2024
4 DST INSPIRE Faculty Award Program Dr. Jhansi Rani Nathan AU-KBC MIT 25.09.2019 24.09.2024
5 STARS Development of NiCo2O4 decorated MoS2 and rGO nanocomposites based flexible solid state supercapacitor for energy storage applications Dr. R. Jayavel CGC ACT 04.02.2020 03.02.2023 04.02.2024 4900000
6 SERB Comparative proteomics of exosomes of androgen – dependent cell line and biofluids of prostate cancer patients Dr. V. Adaikkalam CBT ACT 18.02.2020 17.02.2023 17.07.2023 5503696
7 DST Capacitive Deionization for Salt Recovery from RO Reject Ms. T. Santhoshini Priya Department of Chemical Engineering ACT 05.03.2020 04.03.2023 04.09.2023 2875400
8 CDRRP Implementation Of Preparation Of Local Level Iczmp In 1:5000 Scale Dr. K. Srinivasa Raju Institute of Remote Sensing CEG 10.06.2020 09.06.2022 31.12.2023 27204860
9 SERB Development of Ti(C,N) based cermets modified by Si3N4, B4C and Cr3C2 for metal cutting application Dr. S. Balasivanandha Prabu Department of Mechanical Engineering CEG 05.12.2020 04.12.2023
10 AICTE Smart Electric Vehicle Charging Station Dr. C. Sharmeela Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering CEG 10.12.2020 09.12.2023
11 ICMR Simultaneous suppression of onco-miR and induction of tumor suppressor miRNA for improved cancer therapy Dr. Muthu Selvam Department of Biotechnology BIT,Tiruchirappalli 29.08.2020 28.08.2023
12 DST Fenton Process adapted for deactivation of antimicrobial resistant genes and antibiotic removal using passivation-by passed Fe-alloy, rate controlled using photo-activity Dr. Shubra Singh Crystal Growth Centre ACT 02.01.2021 01.01.2024
13 TANII Project -Department of Horticulture and Plantation crops “Design and Development of Internet of Things (IoT) enabled portable soil nutrient measurement system" Dr. P. T. V. Bhuvaneswari & Dr. V. Sathiesh Kumar Department of Electronics Engineering MIT 25.02.2021 24.02.2024
14 IUAC Tuning of photoactivity of efficient modified Brownmillerites by swift heavy ion irradiation for energy and environmental applications Dr. Shubra Singh Crystal Growth Centre ACT 02.03.2021 01.03.2024
15 IUAC SHI irradiation and Physicochemical Characterization of Pure and Doped β – Ga2O3 Dr. S. Moorthy Babu Crystal Growth Centre ACT 02.03.2021 01.03.2024
16 TANII Project -Higher Education Dept, Govt. of TN Development of Semi and Fully Automated Intelligent Exo-skeletal and Prosthetics for Disabled Communities Dr. P. Ganesh Department of Production Technology MIT 23.12.2020 22.12.2023
17 TANII Project -Higher Education Dept, Govt. of TN Converting inert wastes into Bioamendments / Biofertilizers – Pilot Projects at Legacy Wastes Dumping Site in Tamil Nadu Dr. S. Kanmani Centre for Environmental Studies ACT 25.02.2021 24.02.2023
18 SERB Engineering Two-dimensional Nanostructures for Drug Carrier Applications Dr. R.Vidya Dept. of Medical Physics CEG 08.03.2021 07.03.2024
19 SERB Astroglial Specific Biotin Deprivation in aging brain influences mitophagy and mitochondrial biogenesis Dr. Sangita Venkataraman Centre for Biotechnology ACT 22.03.2021 21.03.2024
20 BRNS Development of conducting polymer coated zirconium nanotube arrays for orthopedic applications Dr. N. Rajendran Department of Chemistry CEG 01.04.2021 31.03.2024
21 SERB A Secure and Interpretable Machine Learning framework for Medical Image Analysis Dr. V. Mary Anita Rajam Department of Computer Science and Engineering CEG 29.03.2021 28.03.2024
22 DRDO - LSRB Productization and clinical evaluation of Bio-potential signal analysis system for mobility assistance Dr. M. Sasikala Centre for Medical Electronics CEG 20.10.2021 19.10.2023
23 DST Fate of micro-plastics, its occurrence and identification in South Africa and India (Chennai) water systems – a sustainable approach Dr. Keerthi Department of Chemistry CEG 28.09.2021 27.09.2024
24 DST Design, Development and Experimental Evaluation of Highly Integrated Multi-Standard Antennas for Mimo Implementation in Automobiles as a Part of Intelligent Transport System Dr. K. Malathi Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering CEG 27.09.2021 26.09.2023
25 NALCO Development of Process for 4N High Pure Alumina (HPA) and Substrate making for its validation in LED applications Dr. R. Jayavel Crystal Growth Centre ACT 20.12.2021 19.06.2024
26 DST Investigations on the physical and optical performances of Er3/Yb3 co-doped silica-phosphate glasses to develop high gain laser materials with enhanced wave guide optical application Dr. D. Geetha Department of Physics MIT 15.03.2021 14.03.2023 14.09.2023 870,000
27 ICMR Design and Development of Noval Topical Nano Drug – Delivery Systems for the Efficient Treatment of Glaucoma by using Natural Drugs Dr. P. Chandrasekar Department of Pharmaceutical Technology UCE - BIT Campus 06.11.2020 05.11.2023
28 SERB Polygeneration of green diesel, hydrogen and electricity using waste cooking oil Dr. C. Adhikesavan Department of Mechanical Engineering CEG 16.12.2021 15.12.2024
29 DoE Functioning of Climate Studio The Director - CCCDM (Dr. Kurian Joseph) Centre for Climate Change and Disaster Management CEG 01.01.2022 31.12.2023
30 SERB Design and Development of a Pilot Scale Integrated Visible Light Photocatalytic-Membrane Reactor for Degradation of Emerging Contaminants in Aqueous Solutions and its Performance Evaluation Dr. S. Karthikeyan Centre for Environmental Studies CEG 09.03.2022 08.03.2025
31 SERB Development of intelligent bio-based packaging films integrated with RFID sensor to monitor the realtime freshness of the packed dairy product Dr. G. Nandhini Devi Centre for Food Technology ACT 03.03.2022 02.03.2025
32 UGC - DAE - CSR Mossbauer Spectroscopic Investigations on the Magnetic Properties and Cation Ordering of partially transition elements substituted - Gd2FeCrO6 Dr. S. Shanthi Crystal Growth Centre ACT 31.03.2022 30.03.2025
33 UGC - DAE - CSR Investigation of Solid Polymer Electrolytes using Neutron and Dielectric Relaxation Spectroscopy Dr. Radha Perumal Ramasamy Department of Applied Science and Technology ACT 31.03.2022 30.03.2025
34 ICMR Identification of S100 Proteins binding distinct DAMP receptors and its activated signaling pathways that cause formation of NLRP3 inflammasome development of Specific S100 inhibitors Dr. E. Sanmuga Priya Department of Pharmaceutical Technology UCE - BIT Campus 14.03.2022 13.03.2024
35 DBT Structural Informatics and Chemical Biology - BIC at Department of Biotechnology, Anna University Dr. B. S. Lakshmi Centre for Biotechnology ACT 04.03.2022 03.03.2027
36 UGC - DAE - CSR Fabrication of Excitonic Solar Cells with Improved Efficiency Utilizing Graphene: Cdse/Cds Core-shell quantum dots Dr. Sasikala Ganapathy Crystal Growth Centre ACT 06.04.2022 05.04.2025
37 MeitY Discourse Integrated Dravidian Language to Dravidian Language Machine Translation (DL-DiscoMT) under the project titled 'National Language Translation Mission (NLTM): BHASHINI Dr. L. Sobha AU-KBC Research Centre MIT 17.03.2022 16.03.2025
38 MeitY Language Communicator Tool for End Users - under the Project titled National Language Translation Mission (NLTM) : BHASHINI Dr. L. Sobha AU-KBC Research Centre MIT 07.05.2022 06.05.2025
39 NCCR Development of Biographic Information System of East Coast India using Geospatial Technologies Dr. K. Srinivasa Raju Institute of Remote Sensing CEG 26.07.2022 25.07.2026
40 SERB Design and Development of Real Time EMG Pattern recognition for the control of Below Elbow Prothesis Dr. S. Nirmala Devi Centre for Medical Electronics CEG 16.08.2022 15.08.2025
41 SERB Aquaporins in Mosquito Vectors Dr. S. Kavitha AU-KBC Research Centre MIT 10.08.2022 09.08.2025
42 SERB Design and development of LED / Solar light reaction chamber based Photocatalytic Fuel Cell for wastewater treatment and simultaneous energy production using novel brownmillerite heterostructure Dr. Shubra Singh Crystal Growth Centre ACT 31.08.2022 30.08.2025
43 Office of the Principal Accountant General (Audit-II), Odisha Volumetric Analysis of Extracted Minerals using UAV technology Dr. K. Senthil Kumar Centre for AeroSpace Research MIT 21.04.2022 20.04.2023
44 Higher Education (J1)Dept, Govt.of Tamil Nadu Digital Valuation System at Anna University Dr. P. Sakthivel Controller Of Examinations CEG 06.09.2022 05.09.2024
45 SERB Design and Development of Wearable gait Analysis System Dr. S. Poonguzhali Centre Medical Electronics CEG 08.12.2022 07.12.2024
46 DST
Bulk Crystal Growth of Gallium Oxide and Fabrication of Heterojunction Diodes S. Moorthy Babu Crystal Growth Centre ACT 12.07.2021 11.07.2024
47 Dhaksha Unmanned Systems Pvt Ltd Design and Development of High Attitude Logistics Dr. K. Senthil Kumar Center for Aerospace Research MIT 28.12.2022 28.12.2022
48 Ministry of Mines Definition of delay sequencing in blast designs using advance analytical techniques for optimization of blast fragmentation and improving mine economics in non-coal mines Dr. P. Balamadeswaran Department of Mining Engineering CEG 07.11.2022 06.11.2024
49 The Dhaksha Unmanned Systems Pvt Ltd Design and Development of Improvised Foreign Object Debris (FOD) and crack detection AI model in runway Dr. K. Senthil Kumar Center for Aerospace Research MIT 10.01.2023 10.01.2023
50 Solid Waste Mgt Dept, Greater Chennai Corporation Treatment and Optimization Studies on Algae Restoration of Perungudi Lake by using Enhanced Techniques for Lake Restoration Dr. S. Kanmani Center for Environmental Studies CEG 26.12.2022 25.06.2023
51 DST-SERB Design and Development of Metallic Bipolar Plates using Electromagnetic Forming Process and Enhance the Corrosion Resistance, Interfacial Contact Resistance Using Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Technique Dr. C. Balamurugan Department of Mechanical Engineering CEG 20.01.2023 19.01.2026
52 SERB Utilization of Iron Ore Mine Tailings and Soil Scape Biofilters for the Abatement of Antibiotics in Pharmaceutical Wastewater Dr. R. Brindha Department of Bio-Technology BIT,Tiruchirappalli 18.01.2023 17.01.2026
53 SERB Mobile Application for Indian Herbs Recognition and Popularisation of Indigenous Food Consumption using Deep Learning Dr. S. Sendhilkumar Department of Information Science and Technology CEG 07.02.2023 06.02.2026
54 SERB Integrated watershed-reservoir water quality modelling under climate change scenarios for developing mitigation measures to sustain the life of the reservoir Dr. E. Arun Babu Centre for Water Resources CEG 10.02.2023 09.02.2026
55 DoE&CC Baseline Study on Carbon Enrichment Programme Dr. Kurian Joseph Centre for Climate change and Disaster Management CEG 13.02.2023 12.07.2023 12.09.2023 1,983,750
56 L&T Comparative Study between Rapid Sand Gravity Filter and Disc Filter for Drinking Water Application Dr. S. Kanmani Centre for Environmental Studies CEG 16.01.2023 15.01.2024
57 Office of the Accountant General (Audit-II) Volumetric Analysis of Extracted Minerals using Drone Technology Dr. K. Senthil Kumar Centre for Aerospace Research MIT 02.03.2023 30.05.2023
58 SERB Multienzymatic Process for Delignification and Valorization of Lignin from Agroresidues to Value Added Products Dr. J. Jayapriya DAST ACT 01.11.2022 31.10.2025

(8,25,000 for AU and 10,05,000 for IITM)
59 DST Combined microbiome electrofermentation a novel approach for enhancement of Bioethanol production using lignocellusic waste Ms. U. Vidhyadevi Department of Chemical Engineering ACT 10.04.2023 09.04.2026
60 DST Production of Beta-Alanine by multistep one-pot reaction Ms. S. Shanthi Centre for Biotechnology ACT 25.04.2023 24.04.2026
61 DST Development of a smart scaffold for assisting efficient bone repair Dr. K. Ravichandran Department of Rubber and Plastics MIT 10.04.2023 09.04.2025
62 Department of Integrated Child Development Services An evaluation study on the impact of the campaign done for anemia & hand wash in the district of Tamil nadu state Dr. K. Venkatalakshmi Department of Media Science CEG 10.08.2022 09.08.2023
63 DST Faculty Development Programme FDT University Training FDP 2021-22 Programmes on "Entrepreneurship Development to Faculty in Energy Conservation Domains of Engineering and Technology Dr. P. Vanaja Ranjan EEE CEG 10.04.2023 09.10.2023
64 DST Treatment of dyeing industry wastewater using vertica flow contructed wetland and its reuse for agriculture Dr. J. Hemamalini CWR CEG 25.04.2023 24.04.2026
65 Department of Health Research, ICMR Young-Scientist Dr. K. Venkateshwaran CENTRE BIT 26.04.2019 25.04.2022
66 ISRO Craters in Mare-Highland boundary and their role in understanding the evolution of moon Dr. R. Kanmani Shanmugapriya IRS CEG 08.05.2023 07.05.2026