Project/ Consultancy Staff Recruitment

The projects can have the staff appointed, on temporary basis, for technical activity, by any of the procedures given below.

  • Staff appointed on temporary basis
  • Staff appointed on ad -hoc basis
  • Students employed on part-time basis
  • University staff engaged for specific tasks

In cases of appointment for administrative activity under the project (where the funding agency has given its approval) the Principal Investigator, has to approach the Common Selection Committee through the HOD / Director of Centre. A copy of the appointment order issued in such cases should be sent to Director, CTDT.

If the services of external consultants are required, the faculty consultants of consultancy assignments can avail, with the prior approval of the Director CTDT, provided the faculty member certifies that the services are of a nature for which the expertise is not available in the department/University. The honorarium payable to external consultants shall not exceed 50% of the 70% given to the consultants for carrying out the work.

Machinery / Instruments Maintenance Contract

The department can enter into a maintenance contract with the firm which supplies the Machinery / Instruments for projects or its authorized dealers after the guarantee period. Expenses for the same can be met from the contingency grants of the projects.

Staff appointed on temporary basis

In order to attract good candidates for project/consultancy activity, the advertisement for temporary positions in projects can be released either in the University website or in professional journals. The expenditure can be met from the contingency grants of the project, with prior approval from Director CTDT.

Project Staff selected based on regular advertisement / circular can be employed for the entire project/consultancy period.

  • The candidates, if necessary after a preliminary short listing and written test, would be Interviewed by a Selection Committee constituted as follows:
    1. Heads of the Dept's / Directors of Centres - Ex-officio Member.
    2. Principal Investigator/ Faculty consultant - Convener.
    3. One nominee of Director, CTDT from the panel of names approved by the Vice-Chancellor.
    4. Any member as per the mandatory requirement of the projects if any.
  • The appointment orders as per the specified format given by CTDT are to be issued by the HODs or by the respective Directors of autonomous centres where the staff will be employed.
  • In the appointment order, the name of the project should be mentioned and appointee should be employed only in one project.
  • The maximum tenure of project staff appointment can be for the duration of the project period with the consent of the PI.
  • Wherever the services of the project staff are needed for some work other than the project where he/she is employed, such should be done only with the approval of the Principal Investigator of the project. In such cases, the project staff is eligible for overtime (OT) / allowance / remuneration from other sources provided such remuneration during the month does not exceed 25% of his/her salary for that month. Such remuneration cannot be coupled together.
  • It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator to monitor the terms and conditions of all staff appointed in the specific project.
  • In the cases of extension of project staff for another term within the project period, the extension should be recommended by the Principal Investigator and endorsed by HOD / Director of the respective centres. The extension orders will be issued by the HOD / Director of the respective center.
  • Copies of appointment / extension orders issued to staff by HODs/Directors of autonomous Centres must be sent to CTDT and to respective departments and research centres.
Staff appointed on ad -hoc basis

Wherever necessary, suitable candidates may be given ad-hoc appointments in projects to avoid delays and ensure prompt commencement of activities. The period of such ad-hoc appointment will be restricted to a maximum of 6 months. This is not extendable. In cases where extension is requested, then the individual has to go through the procedure indicated for Selection of staff on temporary basis.

Students employed on Part-time basis

Services of full time students may be utilized after office hours and during holidays for specific scientific / technical works relating to the Project / Consultancy projects with the approval of the HOD and the guide of the student, especially during their project semesters. The remuneration that could be paid to the student shall depend on the following norms.

Remuneration to the students
For per hour
UG students: 75 - 100
PG (Masters Degree students): 100 - 150
M.Phil and PhD students: 150 - 200
Maximum number of hours in a month must be restricted to 70 hours. Remuneration shall be paid only in the form cheque.
University staff engaged for specific tasks

University staff can be engaged for specific tasks in the project outside the normal University working hours, subject to a maximum of 60 hours in a month and may be remunerated as per CPDE norms for AR / Chief Superintendent / office superintendent/and technical staff / Asst / Junior Asst / Steno / Typists/Store keeper/ RC / Drivers.