1. You need to contact Local Coordinator of Anna University GIAN

2. Once Local Coordinator invites course coordinator to submit a proposal, the course coordinator will receive a mail including a link to upload the Proposal. The proposals to upload should be in PDF format(within fifteen days).

3. The format of Foreign Faculty Consent Form should be downloaded and sent to foreign faculty for his/her signed consent. The scanned copy of the same should be uploaded in PDF format while submitting the proposal.

4. Course coordinator should upload the proposal and click on Final Submit.

5. If required, the proposal may be sent back to the course coordinator for modification and resubmission.

6. The status of the proposal can be viewed from Proposal Tracking link on the Home page of GIAN.

7. If the course is approved by APEX body, contact the Local Coordinator for further actions.

8. Course coordinator should select the participants who are attending the course, so that participants can fill the feedback form online before the completion of the course.

9. The following documents for each course should be completed/needed :
• Course participation certificate
• Course gradesheet
• Course completion report
• TA bill for foreign expert
• Fund Utilization certificate for the course