About Consultancy

Consultancy work can be taken up to solve problems refereed by industries, institutions, institutions, government agencies and corporations, societies and any other bodies, including professionals / individuals wherein the professional expertise and knowledge of the faculty members (Consultants) as well as the infrastructural facilities of the University will be utilized. The facilities of the University will be used for the research work, theoretical analysis or experimentation required for generating and validating information in solving the industrial problems. The assignments are heavily dependent on the existing know-how and skill of the faculty members involved.

Budget Distribution


The total fee received from the clients for consultancy work shall include the consultancy charges and service tax, as applicable and payable as per the Government of India Rules.

All cheques shall be drawn only in the name of “Director - CTDT”, Anna University and sent to CTDT along with the details in a form, indicating the number of installment and details of the project / Consultancy assignment.

It will be received by the centre and deposited in the joint account of Registrar and Director, Centre for Technology Development and Transfer (CTDT). The account will be operated by the Director, CTDT and one Authorized Signatory.

In the case of Consultancy sanctioned to autonomous centre's, cheques will be drawn in favor of “The Director” of the respective Centre and transferred to the autonomous Centre within 24 hours of the realization of the cheque.

In the case of Consultancy sanctioned to departments, the funds will be handled by the CTDT.

From the earnings received by the consultants, 10% IT will be deducted, when the total earnings by the consultant in that financial year exceeds the permissible amount fixed by the Government.

At the end of every financial year, every consultant will be issued a Form (Form 16A) related to the actual amount the consultant has received by way of Consultancy and Testing charges during the year along with the IT deduction with a copy marked to the Assistant Registrar (Salaries). It is mandatory for the Consultant to receive this Form (Form 16A) and submit


When a consultant would like to keep a portion of his consultancy with the University for other purposes, then he is permitted to deposit it in the Professional Development Fund (PDF) Account maintained by CTDT.

 Individual accounts will be maintained by the Centre for all faculty members belonging to the Department / Centre for contributions through both Consultancy and sponsored projects.

This amount can be utilized for the purposes such as travel, visits abroad, telephone expenses, professional body membership, health &accident insurance including during travel in India / abroad, refreshments and hospitality expenses relating to projects and consultancy as detailed below. The claim for the same shall be made in a prescribed form, with due certification of all bills and vouchers, submitted in original. The papers will be processed at CTDT for PDF and cheques will be issued by the Director, CTDT.

At any period of time, if the consultant desires to withdraw a certain amount, Income tax at the prevailing rates will be deducted on the amount, when the total amount of earnings including this withdrawal by the consultant in that year exceeds the limits fixed by the government. Similarly, at the time of retirement, the consultant can withdraw the left out amount after paying the necessary income tax at the prevailing rates. Any amount withdrawn by the Consultant over the year from the PDF account should be a mandatory feature in the Form (Form 16A) being issued for filing of IT returns.

The PDF share of the investigator, accumulated through project Overheads, can be utilized for various purposes described above. Also, if any of the government funding agencies and industry provide honorarium to the investigators of sponsored projects and if there is a provision for such honorarium in the project proposal, the same may be utilized by the investigators as per PDF norms. At the time of retirement the PDF thus accrued though sponsored projects cannot be withdrawn by the investigator, but can be used to create an endowment at the University or donate the funds to the department / centre. However, if any, private funding agency provides an honorarium to the investigators of sponsored projects, the norms for PDF accrued through Consultancy work shall apply

The PDF can be utilized by the concerned faculty member for the following purposes:

  1. TA / DA, taxi fare and registration fee for attending a conference / workshop / symposium / seminar / meeting etc., or deliver an invited lecture (subject to sanction of appropriate leave by competent authority) to a place in India or abroad and for making exploratory visits for further consultancy work, with advance approval of Director CTDT.
  2. Membership fee of Professional Societies including Life or annual membership of professional bodies and subscription to the journals, using Credit Card or by normal subscription shall be permitted with a ceiling of 200 USD in a year from the PDF of the faculty member, on production of receipts.
  3. Purchase of professional Books, journals, stationery including computer stationery, Software or data on any storage medium.
  4. Equipments / Electronic Gadget, Mobile Phones, Laptop, Palmtop, iPod can be purchased and taken into stock register of the University.
  5. Expenses towards maintenance of the equipments purchased through projects.
  6. Up-gradation or purchase of laptop or desktop computer and related peripherals like digital camera / web camera for use by the faculty member at any location as per the work requirement.
  7. Purchase of office and laboratory furniture.
  8. Reimbursement for any type of telephone calls, including pre-paid cash card.
  9. Refreshment and local conveyance expenses during project activity / meetings.
  10. Boarding, lodging & entertainment expenses for the visitors on official visits.
  11. All purchases shall be made as per University rules.
  12. Reimbursement will be made to the concerned faculty member in all cases except for the purchase of equipment.
  13. The items procured out of PDF shall remain property of the University. However, the non-consumable items procured through PDF may be taken away by the concerned faculty from the Department / Library, on payment of book values, during the period of service or within 3 years of retirement / leaving the service of the University.
  14. For any expenditure not covered above, prior approval of the Director CTDT / Vice Chancellor is necessary.
  15. Creation of Endowments / scholarships / awards or Donations to the University shall be allowed by using the PDF.

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